Saturday, July 01, 2017

New Book “Musings on Hinduism”

My new book “Musings on Hinduism” is available for purchase both as Paperback and as Kindle E-book.

The book was published in March 2017 by Rare Publishers, Chennai and includes a number of my writings on a variety of topics, especially related to General Hinduism, Vedanta, and Challenges facing Hindu society. It also includes a translation and commentary on few Hindu texts.

Some excerpts from the reviews of the book:

1. Dr. Shrinivas Tilak, PhD, History of Religions, Independent Researcher based in Canada.

"Because Musings carries the exuberance of wonder and the weight of experience, it is likely to provoke, startle, and even challenge the reader in many possible ways."

2. Dr. David Frawley, noted American Hindu teacher (acharya) and author-

"Nithin Sridhar’s book Musings on Hinduism provides an excellent introduction to Hinduism, taking a variety of thought-provoking angles of approach, like different facets of a vast gem. For those wanting to understand Hindu dharma at spiritual, cultural and intellectual levels from someone who has deeply studied and practiced the teachings, this book a great place to begin your inward journey. It does not simply present one branch or aspect of Hindu Dharma but provides a vision of the whole from transcendent Vedantic philosophy to the Hindu view of society."

3. Aravinda Rao K, Former DGP, Vedanta Scholar and Member of Council of Indian Council of Philosophical Research

"The book makes a rewarding reading, presenting a comprehensive picture of different aspects of the non-dual philosophy, besides sensitizing the reader to contemporary developments."

4. Surajit Dasgupta, Editor-in-Chief of SirfNews

"Musings on Hinduism is an excellent manual to the fundamentals (of Hinduism) right."

Book: Musings on Hinduism
Author: Nithin Sridhar
Cover Design: Pratyasha Nithin

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