Saturday, April 21, 2007

A Call to Nation

A Call to Nation

Over the last decade about 20,000 people1 have been killed in Jammu and Kashmir due to Pakistan supported Islamic terrorism. In 2005, naxalite violence has claimed 669 lives including 153 police personnel in 1594 incidents as against 556 casualties in 1533 incidents in 2004.2 The attempts have been made for the Christianization of Tirupathi3- Hindu holy place in Andra Pradesh by Christian missionaries.
The appeasement of minorities especially the Muslim community has increased with the tabulation of fraud report of Jaustic Sachar Committee4

In India, Hindus who are in numerical Majority are in Moral minority. The Hindu interests are neither taken care of nor protected. It may be Government control of Hindu temples5 and diverting its funds for non-Hindu causes or the propagation of the Aryan invasion lie6 or even the negationism of the holocaust experienced by Hindus in the past.7 For last thousand years, Hindu society is continuously being targeted first, by Islamic invaders, then by Christian British rulers, and now, after independence by Islamic terrorism, Christian Misionaryism, Marxist Goondaism, and Nehruvian Psuedo-secularism.

The War against Hindus had started with the unsuccessful attempts made by Caliph Umar[634AD-644AD] to infiltrate into Sindh region of Bharath of that time8 and is still going on. About 80 million9 Hindus lost their lives while fighting the Islamic rule in the middle ages, and thousands died during freedom struggle. But even now suffering of Hindus have not ended. 300,00010 Kashmiri Pandits had been driven out of their ancestral land in the name of Ethnic cleansing by the Muslim fundamentalists of Kashmir, But, still Media which blown out of proportion, the murder of Graham Stains, didn’t even gave the attention they deserved. In India, secularism for all practical purposes have become Anti-Majority[Hindus] and Pro-Minority.

In one side, Jehadis are trying to bring another partition of India, by isolating North-East from rest of India [Jan 15,2005,The Pioneer], on Other side, Hindus are being forcibly converted into Christianity. Then, the Marxists and Pseudo-secularists are assisting these Anti-national forces. Hindus have to get united forgetting their difference in caste, community, beliefs, region, language and sex and protect Hindu Nation. This war which Hindus have been fighting for almost 1400 years is a war which they have to Fight for Honor, for Nation, culture and existence because their very existence is in question. This is a call to Nation, a call to Hindus and all Nationalists to Fight for Victory.

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