Saturday, April 21, 2007

Scandals Of UPA

Scandals Of UPA


With reference to the article “Govt lies on 'Q'”1 The Bofors scandal had surfaced again. The reluctance of UPA government to arrest and question Quatrrochi, as this may place Rajeev Gandhi and Congress party in compromising position, is proved again. It appears that “Congress ka Haath, Aam Admi nahi, Sonia Gandhi and Gandhi family ke Saath Hai” The last 3 years of UPA rule, is full of scandals, some new and some old ones resurfaced.

Apart from Bofor’s scandal, Volckar report, Office of Profit Bill, Mitrokin archives, Issue of tainted ministers have surfaced.

In Iraq’s food-for-oil scam, Congress party is still silent about how its name figured in the Volcker report as one of the recipients of slush money. Even though Natwar Singh is no longer in the cabinet, no other from congress party had been questioned. This shows that UPA government had made Natwar Singh a scapegoat.2 The Office of Profit Bill, passed by the government providing exemptions to 45 posts including National Advisory Council chairmanship which was occupied by Sonia Gandhi and others occupied mostly by Congress and Left MPs.3 This behaviour of the government clearly shows that people in power are more concerned with maintaining their position than with solving the problems of country.

Two chapters of The Mitrokhin Archives: II which was published in 2005, are devoted to India.

It reveals that, India was the only country outside the Soviet bloc to be most successfully penetrated by the KGB, right up to the office of the prime minister.4 This shows that, under Indira’s Governement, KGB tried to communize and Sovietize India. It also shows the extent of corruption present in the then Congress government. We have to ask whether is it safe to allow a Congress party which tried to sell India to KGB and Left parties which supported 1962 Chinese invasion to rule our beloved motherland ?

The conviction of Former Coal Minister Shibu Soren in the murder of Shashinath Jha5, and the fact that

UPA cabinet consisted of many tainted ministers like Lalu Prasad Yadav and Taslimuddin 6 shows the government is full of corrupt people and people with criminal backgrounds who have come to power using illegal and immoral means. Further UPA is involved in numerous other scandals like premature decommissioning of the Mukherjee Commission investigating Netaji's disappearance, which might have shown Nehru in bad light. Probably, no newspaper article can can accomodate all the scandals by Congress functionaries.



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